[Wine] Re: Warhammer Online. BUG

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 1 00:56:39 CST 2009

When I use to play text based muds one mud had a bot assisted class.   Yes I was one of them bot assisted.    This was kinda fair yes I did level faster get to higher levels first and over all be more effective.   Only one problem pvp I was never allowed 1 on 1.   I always had to take on 10 on 1.  Not fun.

Please note bot assisted class were also level builders.   Yes so part of the requirement to keep the rights of bot usage was putting time into mud care and running quests out of my own acquired gear.   Yes I was giving away fortunes.   I can still remember a level 1 player I had to give a help to because they won and was unable to move because the money was too heavy.

Bot assistance also blocked me from teaming.   So it worked out fair.   Worst part is that I was for higher for corpse recovery.  Once the money was placed no option bar to go and attempt to get the corpse or die where ever I was in the game with my items I was currently using destroyed.   If i was killed in the zone where the corpse was and I could recover my own course I was freed from the bounty requirement to recover.   Yes it suxed a corpse had to be recovered for the area by me either mine or theres.  Remember each death was costing  points.  So levels where no one would go without a team I had to go alone.  As a player I never got the bounty reward of being left alive was classed as reward.   So yes bot players had to find the best gear in the game so they could stay alive doing there requirements.   Strongest of all players had to be the bot players as well as knowing the world extreamally well.   Since at any time you could have to be anywhere in the world to stay alive.

Any player suspected of botting was also turned into that class.  Yes eep.  Baning them was not effective.   Players who did not use bots were really happy they did not have suffer what the bot users had to put up with.

Other thing that was not fun is just like any other monster in the game bot assisted players had bounties for termination based on the quality of gear carrying.

Visualization is going to it basically imposable to detect botting.   KVM allows outside the virtualisation to be debugging inside.   So the same as what happened with some muds will have to happen again.   Bot players accepted and classed.

Now you might say virtualization should provide a way to see out side problem then the secuirty of the virtualization is breached.

Its the same problem when game developers say wine should provide special functions to see through problem is long term its going to make no difference. 

Games need to design in the idea that players will bot.   More repeative the game is the more advantage there is from botting.

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