[Wine] Re: Mount Windows Server Share as drive letter

DanKegel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 1 10:34:34 CST 2009

Daniel T wrote:
> I tried creating the unc directory then issuing the command, still got that error.
> Also, my mnt directory is empty.

You forgot to do the smbmount.  The very first step is
to create a directory somewhere that has the
network share mounted from Unix's point of
view, i.e. one where looking at the directory
with 'ls' shows the right files.

You can do this either with smbmount (the old hard way) into e.g. /mnt,
or with gnome (the new easy way) into ~/.gvfs.

The user guide could use a bit of polish here.  
Maybe we should move that section to the wiki
at least for now so people can improve it more easily.

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