[Wine] "Cannot Display This Video Mode"

Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes alex at thehandofagony.com
Thu Jan 1 17:29:34 CST 2009

Torsdag 01 januar 2009 23:46:56 skrev stephen:
> I have Ubuntu 8.10 and I downloaded Wine and installed it. Everything seems
> to work (installation works), but when I try to run the game that I
> installed, I hear the sound, but I don't see video, and instead I see a
> blank screen with big white text in the center that says "Cannot Display
> This Video Mode"
> Does anybody know what this is? How do I fix this?

Does this message come from the game itself or your monitor?  Try running 
'winecfg' and enable a virtual desktop.

Alexander N. Sørnes

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