[Wine] Wine is not running at some installers

H13N.H3N wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 1 20:30:22 CST 2009

Hi all, i'll first have to say sorry my erratic odd english, that even when is understandable , is... quite strange, i'm from other country.. you know...
Now, i have been looking at the post of Wine looking for a solution for one problem i'm having. sadly but kind of funny for me, i'm always ending in a problem trying to solve another problem which cause was looking for a solution for another problem, but as it must be done, i'm making things step by step, now this is the deal; i tried some applications i had for windows (no regrets or something for left Wista XD) and ran very smooth, cool indeed, but when i tried to install Adobe's Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash, the installer didn't run, and i mean, didn't run. I tried to cover almost anything i had in mind, for example, the '.Wine'  Directory seem to emulate the Windows system, as it is composed of a 'C' directory in which we can find 'Program Files' and 'Windows', obviously i guessed it was about the dll or other kind of libraries that Windows's System have from default, unfortunately i couldn't Copy/Paste some files i had ready as my Ubuntu couldn't dealt with my USB (err... other issue i'm solving right now) nevertheless, i looked further with the internet, i heard of this problem but with different applications, none Installers.. (i said 'hear'?, i meant 'read'), also some little weird things about the latest version of Wine for example 'Ares Galaxy' closing for some errors and 'minimizing' in a glitchy way, but all (but the issue of installer) compressible for being Wine 1.1.11, the Question, how can i solve this?

Wine 1.1.11 Clean (i mean, no skins or further modifications, nor even Dlls just some programs and unchecked two checkboxes from the options of Wine)
Ubuntu 8.10 Semi-Clean (i can say i started the new year with new OS, but i already started too customize it at my like)

Thank you in advances, Happy new '09 and congratulations for make such useful tool, it makes life a sweet as GNU/Linux do for advanced users of OSs =)

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