[Wine] wine-users Digest, Vol 41, Issue 117

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 02:05:35 CST 2009

2009/1/1 Ramaddan <ramaddan at gawab.com>:
> Hi Dohan,
> Here is a random program to test:
> http://www.ar1ar.com/program/download.php?id=273

I cannot find the download link! My Arabic is terrible (I know the
letters, but not many words). I tried looking for something that was
phonetically similar to either "hered" or "horada" (download in
Hebrew) or "download", but found none. Can you link to the exe

> I use the following commands to get it working, in addition to the fonts
> (more than just Tahoma, not sure which other one) from a Windows system with
> Arabic locale:
> LANG=ar_SA.utf-8 wine program.exe
> The characters come up, but not attached.

I see that you are posting from a non-UTF-8 system (that is why I have
the alphabet in my sig, to catch this exactly!). You might want to
configure your system for UTF-8 before going any further. In a
terminal, please run the locale command and post it's output. Which
version of Arabic do you use (ie, where are you from)?

> Thanks for the help.


Dotan Cohen



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