[Wine] Copy data from XP to same app under Wine??

Beartooth Beartooth at swva.net
Fri Jan 2 14:07:02 CST 2009

	With snarls and curses and gnashing of teeth, I still keep one 
laptop and one dual-bootable PC hard drive with XPProSP2 installed. 
(Everything else is Fedora 10.)

	I do so purely for one class of apps, proprietary map software. 

	Wine can now install and run at least one, and the most 
important, of the four suites of such apps that I have. (That one is 
Garmin MapSource, including Topo US 2008. XP <gnash> also runs Delorme, 
Maptech and topo.com.)

	The one thing Wine can't do yet, afaict, is get the software to 
talk to my GPSs. XP of course does; I just hate running it.

	The Garmin mapware is useful under Wine for many things; but it 
would be a lot more so if I could at least get the data I have added so 
far to it into the Wine installation.

	Could this be done? I know nothing of actually connecting M$ 
machines to linux ones; but could I perhaps burn a CD on one of the XP 
machines, and then read it with Wine and copy that data in??

	If so, how?

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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