[Wine] Re: Last Wine 1.1.10/11 = pulse sound stuttering

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 2 19:05:32 CST 2009

You are asking for special treatment.    Main line wine developers will never accept it that patch.  Using that patch means people like me will no longer provide support to anyone using it. 

Major problems its not done as a git patch that will make sure that merging will not conflict leading to worse problems than what you have now with pulse.   Yes person does not even give tested git versions the patch matches up to.  Developer is incompetent and it shows.  So don't touch.

http://sourceforge.net/projects/wineasio  is done right.   Its a third party audio interface not integrating into wine build systems not risking causing house to fall in.    Wine can take third party audio interfaces.  No messing with git trees or anything else just a stand alone module with registry registrations.   Using third party interfaces like wineasio does basically void our responsibility to help you as well.   But since its constructed right we will look past it until we have evidence that its cause.   Most likely ask you to disable it and try a different audio interface.

If Pulseaudio alsa interface does not work its there problem.  If they did not push them-selfs as a replacement to dmix an alsa part it would be different.   

Compiz asked for the same special treatment.   Flat refusal is policy to create patches to hide error.   OSS and ALSA interfaces Pulseaudio is ment to be able to handle so we are already providing them with 2 chances to get it right.

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