[Wine] Help me! [asus pc eee 900, ubuntu eee]

Bebbzor wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 3 23:57:47 CST 2009


I need help over here.. 
I have a Asus pc eee 900, ubuntu eee with wine.. but now i got some problems.

I have installed wine and then spotify, a game called tibia and winamp and tibia dident work so i uninstalled it but the icon's (tibia, readme and uninstall.exe) is still in the wine map..
So i uninstalled wine and deleted the .wine hidden map in home and the icons are still there (uninstalled) how the hell can i delete them?

Pretty fuxkd up if i have to formate the computer to delete some icons/maps.. thanks

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