[Wine] Re: adobe reader 8.x can't decrypt using online authentication

jinhale wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 4 21:13:30 CST 2009

I have e-mailed dank with an attachment.  I'll be sure to include the terminal output in possible future problems from now on.  If Dan can get the file to say the password/user name is invalid instead of a general network connection error, then the problem could likely be considered solved.  

Austin, native winhttp/wininet is new to me I'll have to read about it, but thank you for the suggestion.  I'll attach the terminal output shortly.  

dimesio, I have changed the settings several times on the native Linux version to no avail.  I will repeat this with the wine version.  I don't use a proxy server, but that was a good thought so I have to give you credit for your creative thinking.  Like you I am concerned about regression, so I don't plan on making any bold jumps quite yet, unless it would likely help to diagnose the problem.  Would trying the new version help to diagnose the problem?  If so just be for warned that I have never used git, and I rarely even run make; make install.  

André H., you asked why use the native version?  The native version of Linux has the same problem, so I guess I'll just use whatever version I we can figure out first.  The windows version on a windows machine does work, however, so I figured my chances were better using wine + AR 8.x.  I have tried xpdf and a few other Linux solutions I can't list by name.  All lack this functionality.  The wine version has given me the most useful error message, though.  Every other one tells me to talk with my administrator because there is a problem.  

I'll chat latter; right now I'll try some of these suggestions and report back, with terminal output.  Also is there any way I can leave an encrypted pdf file for others to look at?  ~~ Justin

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