[Wine] Tips for packaging games?

Marcus Carlson wine-u at mejlamej.nu
Mon Jan 5 12:38:18 CST 2009

Hi list,

I intend to package a few games of mine using Debian packages for easy 
installation and would like some tips on how to do it properly.

I thought of creating packages that depends on wine and to create a 
wineprefix for each game somewhere in /usr or /var mostly because 
different games want it's own settings and to control them separately. 
But this way I don't think updates of wine would be handled well.

Another alternative is to include all the wine files in the package - 
but this seems to be a lot of work.

I also would not like to have each user have an own copy of each 
game/wineprefix in ~, even with symlinks - it's just "feels" wrong... 
This is the way wine-doors do it I think.

How are you handling this or do you have any tip?


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