[Wine] Firefox 3 via Wine.. WHY..??

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 5 22:13:59 CST 2009

3vi1 wrote:
> It's been a while but, like vitamin, I used to do this so that I could connect properly to work using the Citrix ICA client from my 64-bit Linux system.
> I imagine it could be pretty useful for the wine devs too - to be able to simply look at the source of FF and know what it's *trying* to do when there's any deviation from the expected behavior.
I thought there was a 64 bit Citrix ICA client.  However, running any 
application, such as Firefox, that has a native as well as Windows 
version, for comparison of available functions is a very good test 
indeed.  Brilliant idea.

James McKenzie

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