[Wine] Re: Simple windows application not quite working

tcherel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 6 04:31:36 CST 2009

Thanks. I found the winetricks Wiki page and I tried what you suggested and quite a few other things as well (installing various native runtimes and DLLs).
Still not luck, text is not being displayed.
I am pinging the author of the program to see if he is using anything particular to display this text (font, UI controls, etc).

I wanted to send some screenshots to show the difference between Wine and CrossOver (since it is working with CrossOver) but apparently I cannot put attachements in the forum.

Any other things that you think I should test since it is workign with CrossOver? What are the main differences (in term of installed libraries, runtimes and such) between Wine and CrossOver?


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