[Wine] Simple windows application not quite working

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 6 08:11:34 CST 2009

>Thanks. I found the winetricks Wiki page and I tried what you suggested and quite a few other things as well (installing various native runtimes and DLLs).
>Still not luck, text is not being displayed.
>I am pinging the author of the program to see if he is using anything particular to display this text (font, UI controls, etc).
This appears to be a problem that is quite common.  The solution might be to install the native riched dlls from Windows through the use of Winetricks.  Can you try this and report the results?

>I wanted to send some screenshots to show the difference between Wine and CrossOver (since it is working with CrossOver) but apparently I cannot put attachements in the forum.
Large-sized attachments are discouraged here.  You might want to look at using tinyurl or pastebin and then put the link to the screenshots here.

>Any other things that you think I should test since it is workign with CrossOver? What are the main differences (in term of installed libraries, runtimes and such) between Wine and CrossOver?
I will look at the use of Crossover for one of the programs I work with to see if it runs there without any problems.

Lastly, please provide the version of Wine you are using.  Please use quotes so that we can track your reply as this is also sent through to the Wine-Users mailing list, where I write replies.

James McKenzie

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