[Wine] Tips for packaging games?

Marcus Carlson marcus at mejlamej.nu
Tue Jan 6 15:47:31 CST 2009

Bamm wrote:
> Take a look at the pptview package in Ubuntu, it is a Windows program (Powerpoint Viewer) with Wine as a dependency.
> On the other hand also take a look at Google's Picasa, which bundles it own Wine version to prevent regressions.
> The two programs above are examples of the two approaches you mentioned. They both work. By studying how they did it, you will have a better idea which approach you want.
Took a quick look at the pptview package because it sounded interesting. 
But what I could see it doesn't create/use a custom wineprefix but 
relies on the user's.

Picasa looks likes it having it's own wineprefix but for what I can see 
it also creates a wineprefix in ~/.google/picasa. Maybe I should look in 
too a little bit more, but I'm not liking the idea to package Wine, as 
other guys already doing it fine.

As Austin says, Wine doesn't handle multiple users using the same 
wineprefix at the same time - right? But if I set the owner of a games 
files to group "games" or something and have a wineprefix in 
/usr/lib/mygame/wineprefix that's created automatically on install or 
first run. Would that work as long as only one user runs the program at 
a time?

As I see it the wineprefix would autoupgrade (if the exe is setuid) and 
I could have my special registry and dll settings controlled AND not 
having duplicated files or work :-)


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