[Wine] Re: Tips for packaging games?

Bamm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 6 20:23:02 CST 2009

Marcus Carlson wrote:
> Took a quick look at the pptview package because it sounded interesting. 
> But what I could see it doesn't create/use a custom wineprefix but 
> relies on the user's.
> Picasa looks likes it having it's own wineprefix but for what I can see 
> it also creates a wineprefix in ~/.google/picasa. Maybe I should look in 
> too a little bit more, but I'm not liking the idea to package Wine, as 
> other guys already doing it fine.

You can try IEs4Linux, it creates its own wineprefix and runs from there. It actually creates three wineprefixes, one for IE5.5, another for IE6 and another for IE7, and creates shortcuts for them based on the wineprefix.

Marcus Carlson wrote:
> As Austin says, Wine doesn't handle multiple users using the same 
> wineprefix at the same time - right? But if I set the owner of a games 
> files to group "games" or something and have a wineprefix in 
> /usr/lib/mygame/wineprefix that's created automatically on install or 
> first run. Would that work as long as only one user runs the program at 
> a time?

That seems to be a good idea. Let me know if it works.

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