[Wine] Microsoft Office 2003 problems after successful install

dougal wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 7 10:16:45 CST 2009

I am using Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex.
Excel opens but, sticks at the splash screen till I press Alt+F4 to close the application because nothing responds except the minimize and maximize buttons and the menus. Once the splash screen disappears then Excel opens a spreadsheet. Excel appears to work okay the next time I open it.
When I try Access I get a message saying Excel has not been registered for this user when I close it. Then Access doesn't open the next time I try it.
Outlook did not work first time and gave me a message about not being registered for this user and to run the setup program again but, it opened and ran the second time. I have not tried setting up my account yet.
PowerPoint attempts to open but, does not complete. I have to Force a quit after using Alt+F4. I try again but, same thing happens.
Running Publisher first appears to be okay and I can select templates, etc and start to compile a page then a message appears saying Publisher has not been registered for this user and I should run setup again. I have to close it.
Word at first appeared to work then when closing I got a Microsoft message saying Word had encountered a problem and had to close. This happened twice before I seemed to be able to use Word without a problem.
So there are some issues with Office 2003 - any ideas about how to solve them. I need Access to work as I use its' database for an in-house jobs database here at work and I need Outlook as there is a project with code from Access that needs to work to complete the whole jobs database, email verification side of things for work. Hope someone has some really good ideas. i would love to be able to get these programs working but, if not then I will have to persevere with Openoffice and try to get it working with the database but, i will still struggle without Outlook and probably will not get to move to Ubuntu permanently till these bugs have been taken care of. thanks in anticipation.

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