[Wine] Drive mapping issues with some older games

Das Letzte Einhorn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 7 19:11:39 CST 2009

I have copied the contents of the play discs of some games on my hard drive and I am trying to map the directories as CD-ROM so that I do not have to insert the CDs when I play. Despite indicating it in winecfg, some of the games do not seem to be able to find the required files in order to work.

Some games I have that issue with : Diablo, Warcraft 2, Wizardry 8.

Another weird issue is that even if I remove the /media/cdrom0/ patch in winecfg, if I insert the game play disc, the game recognizes it instantly and works. If I kill the program and load winecfg, the /media/cdrom0/ path reappears automatically.

Do you guys have suggestions in order to make this work? Thanks for your help.

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