[Wine] fps low comapred torunning on windows

stratotak wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 8 11:35:46 CST 2009

Im having a issue with games that i can play on windows fine..have very low frame rates under wine ..Games like HL2,CS Source ,,run fine on windows..but with same settings in wine its more like a slide show..I have a ATI card and have Debian lenny's fglxr drivers installed..Native linux 3d games run fine.maybe a bit slower than the windows version..but I believe that has to do with Ati drivers are not that good..So i could understand some slow down trying to play games through wine using fglrx drivers..but 10-12 fps??and that with nothing going on..just walking around in train at beginning.I set it to a set desktop size of 1024x768 but didnt help.Grand theft auto miami vice plays good at start except for some of the cut scenes..but as game goes along..it starts to slow down

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