[Wine] Problem getting subpixel AA font rendering to work

oOarthurOo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 8 14:57:05 CST 2009

Hi... I'm running Debian 5 (Lenny) and using wine packages from http://www.lamaresh.net/apt lenny main, which contains wine version 1.1.12.

I've installed MS Office 2003 without problems, but when I start up word the fonts are choppy/blocky/what-have-you, but certainly not being AA. 

I came across a thread on this forum that suggested adding a file to the registry. I can do that on windows, but don't know how to do it on wine, so I just opened up regedit and added the appropiate values in the right places:

"FontSmoothing"="2", "FontSmoothingOrientation"="dword:000" , etc.

Still no joy. I then reconfigured my fonts using dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config in order to make sure that autohinting wasn't being used (on native), and bmp fonts were disabled. Upon restarting 'x', still no AA joy.

I would appreciate some help getting this to work, as the fonts are the primary reason I don't use Word on a regular basis.

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