[Wine] Re: Regression test - bad rev input

Col wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 9 21:32:58 CST 2009

Thanks Austin, 

I have now also tested on the current git.
Installation fails on the current git. (Current git is bad).

My son worked out from gitk what was involved in doing a bisect by taking the fix in 8c4a2978b281e9519a6581d859add636de4b42d4 and applying it where the bisect would have been done. This was done by manually editing the configure and configure.ac with the changes in the fix (after backing up from the changes), and compiling. (We reversed our manual changes after testing).

For example this showed that 1a71479fbde0c10ad946334c524c3fdcb7dfab01 is good.

Is there any problem with continuing with this method?

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