[Wine] Adobe PS 7

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 10 11:25:14 CST 2009

Tony_photoplus wrote:
> Yep thats the one and there doesn't seem to be a resolve for it which doesn't help at all!!
> Thanks for the info.  Who and where does one shout about this to get it resolved?
Create a Bugzilla login and vote for the bug!  Most of the developers 
for Wine are volunteers (there are a few folks who are paid by 
CodeWeavers to support Wine.)  Thus, to best use our limited resources, 
we only work on bugs that are:

1.  Current.
2.  Are of interest to the community.
3.  That have resources that can work on them.

Now you should see the delema.  We have to work on those problems that 
have the three above.  By voting on your favorite bug it gives the 
community an idea on what needs to be fixed, if the resources are available.


James McKenzie

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