[Wine] Re: Last Wine 1.1.10/11 = pulse sound stuttering

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 10 22:35:38 CST 2009

I've been testing using ulimit -v 4194304 (and various values below it) but it doesn't fix the crashing issue even when combined with mem=3G.If the value is too low, the game will not start at all, or it will crash while loading a game.If it's too high it will crash in the place it normally does without using ulimit -v.It guess it's possible that there is a sweet spot in between these two where it doesn't crash early on but also doesn't use too much virtual memory but I doubt it.Values between 4160000 and 4170000 were about where the two converged, if you want to try yourself.

The only workaround that has worked at all for me is the low memory hack posted here:

There is a mmap patch that is supposed to fix this issue properly:

But it causes massive slowdowns when the kernel sees more than 3.16GB of memory and the game(s) still crash when the kernel sees 3.16GB or less of memory.

See these bugs for more discussion of these issue(s):

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