[Wine] Basic question from newbie...

BTT wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 11 11:10:48 CST 2009

I am a windows developer and have a commercial product that I want enable on other platforms. I apologize if the answer to my question is obvious reading the docs, but as a lot of developers I know, that tends to br a last resort :-) However, if some one should point me to a particular document, I'll be happy to do the reading.

My question: do I need to link to a wine-ish library of some kind to allow my app to run in the linux/apple worlds? Are all my API function calls mapped for me by Wine to the appropriate functionality on the target desktop? For instance, my multi-monitor application involves displaying different images on different monitors, so I need to enumerate through all the video connections and open a display context on each. I use the EnumDisplayMonitors() API function to help do this in Windows. Will this auto-majically work on another platform running with Wine?

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