[Wine] Re: Last Wine 1.1.10/11 = pulse sound stuttering

DL wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 11 18:28:34 CST 2009

oiaohm wrote:
> Ok how effective has the low memory patch.   Did it stable all three.  If so we need to take a closer look at those values.   Maybe even a windows test case to find out what windows reports.   Sorry to say I don't have windows any more.

It works pretty well.Oblivion only crashes occasionally now (with high settings), Bioshock crashes a lot less but still crashes at the start of the second level unless you set everything to low.Fallout 3 crashes are reduced but still occur sometimes.
One issue of testing is that when running into this bug, the error messages are not always consistent and could be caused by the bug or a bug in the game itself.

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