[Wine] Re: Clarification of ratings...

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 12 08:51:40 CST 2009

Derek McGowan wrote:
> I think there is a way to create a standard rating ... It involves
> asking more specific questions when entering or updating an app in the
> appdb, and making them required - like were non standard dlls required
> (link must be provided), or was a non standard make of wine required (as
> well as maybe a few others), and scoring these responses on a scale.
> This could potentially provide users (experienced, and new) with a
> rating giving us a fairly good idea of how difficult it may be to get an
> app running under wine ...

I think you're right; that's really the only way to make ratings consistent. The problem is that that would require a complete overhaul of the AppDB, and a complete overhaul would depend on someone with the required skills deciding to do it. My general impression is that the AppDB is at the bottom of the priority list for most developers (if it's even on their list at all).

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