[Wine] Re: How can wine be available for all users?

Craig73 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 13 22:57:25 CST 2009

stimpak wrote:
> exactly the file hierarchy i was thinking about!
> put the core files somewhere reachable for all users,but instead of making syslinks, wouldnt be best or possible to create separate  *.reg for each account, so you wont risk a registry corruption?
> still that script doesnt make WINE multiuser (as in many users as the same time - so dont try that if you're looking for that solution), but its good enough for rigs that have only one user active at any given time. - such as desktop computers

Why doesn't the script make Wine multiuser?  All the shared (ie - non-user modifiable files) are in a central directory and the registry (user modifiable) is the users directory.  I might comment that the users profile folder and the temp folders are not local, but the users profile folder should be unique and the Wine should only ever hand out unique files in temp.  So there is a privacy/security risk of having the temp and user profile folder exposed, but it shouldn't prevent multiuser should it?

[I haven't played much behind the scenes, so what am I not understanding?]

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