[Wine] Re: My console app doesn't run in wine

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 14 08:44:56 CST 2009

Nobuo T wrote:
> Sry to bother again, but my questions still aren't really answered yet.
> 1. Now is this first described problem intended behaviour, a missing feature, or a bug in wine worth reporting? At least the faq doesn't say you have to use "wine start" or "wineconsole" to run console apps...

Wine uses wineconsole only when explicitly asked for. And it's needed to fully emulate windows' console which is highly not compatible with standard *NIX terminal.

Nobuo T wrote:
> 2. Is it normal that wine displays nearly all characters that are not in \w as the same square sign (with ncurs and user)? How can I make it use some font that looks more like standard VGA?

This is a known problem. Console apps display text in wrong locale.

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