[Wine] meaning of "Hardware" in Bugzilla, reference MacIntoshes (title restored)

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>> Sorry bout that.  I was not aware there was a Ubuntu for the Mac.  Personally, I feel that would be a step backward, but others will feel that Ubuntu is a step up from MacOSX.
>I don't think you quite understand. Intel Mac's are no longer their
>own architechure. They're x86 PC's (only thing really different is
>they lack a BIOS, using EFI instead). That said, there IS a PPC
>version of Ubuntu as well (Fedora makes a PPC Linux distribution, as
>well as a few others).
I was not aware of these.  I am aware that YellowDog, which was a Linux distro for the PowerPC is abandonware and no longer maintained.  Maybe the acceptance of the work done for this distro by RedHat and Ubuntu is a 'good thing'.  

>> It would be a 'good thing' to be able to distingush MacOSX problems that affect the Apple Intel platform as there are hacks available that will allow you to install MacOSX to other Intel based platforms (I know of one that reports to work with the Leveno X60 series for one.)
>Yes. I've seen it done on several PC's. The hack is to disable OS X's
>protection against only running on Apple branded hardware.
It takes more than that as the EFI that Apple uses is not like the BIOS that other PC brands use.

>> And for those who think that I'm just a Mac-geek, I've worked with and respect those who use Linux.  At the present time, I don't have the time resources to do so.
>No worries, as long as you're not a Windows fan boy ;-).
Haven't been one since 1992.  Before that I laughed at Windows for Networking 3.11 where Microsoft attempted to instill its brand of 'networking'.  Of course, Windows brings me work, Macs get it done (insert Linux as well.)  This is one of the reasons I follow and support Wine and supported Project Odinn (after it was renamed from WINOS/2) back in the 90s.  I like others would love to see Microsoft Office for Linux (any version) but realize that Wine is what is going to make that happen.

James McKenzie

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