[Wine] Re: internet registering through wine

john.solomon@indysoft.com wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 14 10:58:17 CST 2009

I may have mis-spoke, so please let me restate a few things. I have followed the install of wine and wine-doors per the web-sites. Wine installs through the package managers in Ubuntu and Fedora. 

The software is called eCabinets which is a specialized CAD for woodworkers and cabinet makers. The install is over 500 MB so the mfg, Thermwood, does not offer it for download. You can get updates from the web, but you must request a install cd. The program is FREE. Dan kegel has received his copy today.

This is what I have attempted to troubleshoot this. Please remember I am a nood and might miss something that is obvious to you. So please forgive me.

1. Install using the installer on the cd results in Adobe reader and eCabinets failing. Running setup.exe from terminal (as me) results with a FDICopy fails. This is reported in Bugzilla as case 16551. This issue looks like the same as a few others that have been reported like Quickbooks and COD and I think some MS office item like Outlook.

2. Running the setup as root gives me more (different) information which allows me to get further in the install process. (please see the other posts for detailes)

Right or wrong, it gets me that much closer. I have gotten to a point where I can enter a registration code and it will (intermittantly) connect to the reg server. (I thinks that wininet is the issue) If it does connect, it tells me that the version I have has expired and I need to download a new version. Downloading from there fails. Manually downloading and running the .exe fails. 

Rock and a hard place.

Allthough I get slightly different results between Ubuntu and Fedora, I can not get any further than stated above.

Running from the desktop like a typical end user, running with terminal and command lines as me$ or as root# still end with failure.

I think at this point I am just getting a cascade of errors that I need expert help with. Once the first one, FDICopy fails, issue is take care of, everything else might call in place. If not, I have a good idea on what I might have to do with others that might appear. missing dll, odbc setup and manifests.



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