[Wine] Re: Shared Memory and Memory Mapped I/O

jluoni wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 14 13:23:09 CST 2009

This seems harder than I initially thought.  I thought I would call a couple functions and have a pointer to my array of 32bit floats.

vitamin wrote:
> Then don't use shared memory for IPC. Use the most simplistic (and most idiot-proof) IPC - nameless/named pipes. If you want to get more sophisticated - use sockets or pipes.

Unfortunately the windows application that I need to access interfaces via shared memory and not through sockets or pipes.  I have no control over that application.  I wish I could change the applications, I am stuck with it and how it is implemented. 

vitamin wrote:
> Shared memory is a huge PITA, especially mixing win32, Wine & POSIX implementations of it.

Since I am stuck, which of the following is going to be a bigger PITA. 

-Figure this whole intermixing shared memory thing.(which seems like the way it should be done)
-Or write another windows app to be the middle man.  Pipes or Sockets to Shared Memory type deal.

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