[Wine] Re: uninstalled and reinstalled wine..now i get an error

3vi1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 15 21:17:09 CST 2009

jager8113 wrote:
> I updated wine to get a game working...this messed up my old games so I removed wine...then i reinstalled it..Now when I try to reinstall my game (morriwind) it give me this error:
> The install shield Engine (ikernal.exe) could not be launched. (0x8002802b).
> Last tiem this happened I reinstalled Ubuntu..but I dont wanna do that again...Plz help!!! And thank you for taking your time to help!!!
> BTW:ubuntu 7.04

When you say you "removed wine", did you also delete or rename the .wine directory in your home folder?

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