[Wine] Wine virtual desktop + multiple applications running

Faeryan wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 15 23:50:48 CST 2009

I'm playing Anarchy Online through Wine on Ubuntu system. The game doesn't run on windowed mode so I'm forced to use fullscreen, however this is not the issue since I'm using virtual desktop emulation that gives me the window in which I can play the game and also Alt+Tab to other programs. 

Thing is that I'm using this addon thingie called Clicksaver while playing the game. It's an external program that has to be run at the same time with the game itself. 
Problem is that they appear on the same virtual desktop and once I start the game I can't Alt+Tab or switch to Clicksaver by any means. 

So I'm asking now if there's any way to switch focus between the different applications inside the same virtual desktop window, or somehow create a different virtual desktop for both apps.

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