[Wine] ETerm32 Terminal Emulator

nomen wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 16 13:37:44 CST 2009

I installed Wine from Synaptic and then installed a Windows terminal emulator program called ETerm32.  As I understand, mainly, it provides the keyboard translations for a VT320 terminal so I can connect and function on a VMS-based server/application.  

Running ETerm32 under Wine, I can connect to the server which displays a Username prompt.  After typing the user name and hitting <ENTER>, the program/server prompts for a Password.  Instead of waiting for a typed response and hitting <ENTER>, it accepts a blank password automatically without any input.  This makes the log in attempt fail.  

When the Username prompt reappears (which it normally does on a failed attempt), there is an "OP" already entered for the response.  This can be backspaced off.  Any other attempt to log in produces the same chain of events.  

I have tried changing a setting in the ETerm32 software which defines the KeyCodes as either 7-bit (the default) or 8-bit.  Changing this to 8-bit produces a "P" after a failed login, but does not help in allowing the Password to be entered.  [I have changed this back to the default of 7-bit.]

I have looked thru the Wine Configuration, but I cannot see anything that would help with a communications-type program.  I am not a communications expert, so I may have missed something.  

Does anyone have any ideas on why the login process does not stop to allow the entry of a Password?  If I can get past this, I think I will be in business.

If it matters, I am running PCLinuxOS2007 on a Dell Inspiron 1720.  


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