[Wine] CraigsPalFree problems

prawer wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 16 18:55:28 CST 2009

Hello Wine Gurus,

I am new to running apps with Wine but have been moderately successful so far.   I am trying to work with CraigsPalFree, a nifty app that allows the user to "power-search" craigslist -- sortable results, multiple locations, etc.

The URL is craigspal.com and the download location is http://www.craigspal.com/to_download.php.

Here is what happens (the order varies):

1. When I first start it, Wine reports that the app is trying to display web pages, and prompts me to install Gecko (which I do)
2. On subsequent starts, the app informs me that "CraigsPal wasn't able to connect. Reconnect?" (I say 'yes')
3. Black squares flash on the screen
4. I get an error OLE 8000FFFF
5. I get an "access violation" in module craigspal.exe if I try to choose search locations

Any ideas? Does this look a familiar error from other apps?

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