[Wine] Curious problem running Cambridge advanced dict 3rd on wine

sebastian_ch wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 17 03:49:41 CST 2009

I tried installing the Cam adv. dict 3rd edition on two HP notebooks.
Both of them run on Ubuntu 8.10 and have a nearly identical packages list installed, expect a few linux applications.
Wine version for both is 1.0.1

The Problem is it runs perfectly well on one notebook, while on the other
the install only briefly opens the window where you can click "next", and then closes again.

What could the problem be? I've tried to install the same wine apps on both of them.

I've generated an error log using WINEDUG="warn+all" and also using relay, seh and tid. How can I make them available here?


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