[Wine] Aspire One?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 18 09:05:12 CST 2009

dimesio wrote:
> chs1010 wrote:
>> ok than, how do i update my version? is it as simple as the yum way because if not i might need a little help lol
> If you can use the Fedora packages, upgrading should be as simple as adding the Wine repository and installing the latest version through your package manager. 
> If you don't know how to add a repository in your distro, you need to ask more experienced users of your distro how to do it. If any exist, they would be found on the Acer Aspire One forum, and that's where you should be asking this question.
Since the Aspire One uses a Fedora type distribution, you might also 
want to visit the Fedora web site for hints on how to use this 
distribution.  I started using Linux BEFORE Slackware 1.0 (yes I'm that 
old) and started back up using RedHat (before they went strictly 
commercial) and now run a Mac.  That being said, I do have F8/9 here on 
disk somewhere as my Thinkpad will not run DVDs (I tend NOT to use the 
latest/greatest that would leave me in a cardbox box eating PB&Js all 
day long.) 
I have a spare hard drive for that system and will look into (again) 
installing F8 on it just to do some Wine testing.  Unfortunately, that 
system cannot be connected to the Internet due to other hardware issues 
(the Ethernet card does not work under Linux, at all.)

James McKenzie

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