[Wine] Running Portable Photoshop with Wine

MobileSilence wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 11:29:07 CST 2009

Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to Linux and anything having to do with it. I'm actually trying to solve a friend's problem. My apologies if anything I'm about to say turns out to be grossly ignorant...

My friend is running Kubuntu on a Aspire One that has about 500 megs of space on it, most of which is taken up by the OS I'm assuming. She seems to have less than 10 megs of space left on her computer but wants to be able to run Photoshop on it. Due to the lack of space one of the things that comes to mind is running Portable Photoshop CS2 (the version I hear works best these days) using WINE. However I think the WINE install might be too big for her laptop and she certainly wont be able to fit even the 26 meg version of Photoshop on it.

Is there somehow (though I doubt it) a small (say under 8 megs) install of WINE? 

Can she even run Portable Photoshop CS2 from a flash drive with WINE if she can manage to install it on her laptop?

Can WINE be run from a flash drive and would the above question be possible while running WINE from a flash drive?

It's out of the scope of this board but if none of the above will work if someone could pm me a solution if they have one I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for anyone who replies to this.

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