[Wine] What debug option should I use on Counter Strike: Source?

Kingoftherings wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 12:07:39 CST 2009

For me, Counter Strike: Source crashes somewhat frequently, but it only seems to be when I play Gun Game, as opposed to de_dust2 or cs_office and other normal game modes.

What would the debug options I should use to create a log?  I know I could just do +All, but that would kill performance, and it'd probably crash just because it'd run so slow.  

So, I want to try to keep performance up, and the log size  down, because it seems to vary how long it takes to crash, so I don't want a 50gb log.  It usually crashes soon after I start playing, but sometimes it'll last 10 minutes, and occasionally it won't crash.


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