[Wine] Recurrent issue with latest wine-git on Gentoo

Das Letzte Einhorn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 13:51:45 CST 2009

I am now using Gentoo X64 instead of Ubuntu. I have cloned the latest wine-git and compiled it according to these instructions. All the emulation libraries are already installed

http://wiki.winehq.org/WineOn64bit#head-7f9ba30a115acb6bc6feef3ee48cd06e91d44519 (I ran the configure script first, make depend, the make line in the howto and then su -c "make install")

With my former Ubuntu installation I had a wine "repository" where all the prefixes of the games I was testing were located (eg. /wine/warcraft3/). I kept the hard drive where it was located as it is and mounted it in Gentoo the same way it was in Ubuntu. So far I have attempted to run winecfg and load these games : WoW, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, Drømmefall: Den Lengste Reisen. I get the exact same output for each of them whether for winecfg or when I load the game. Winecfg appears after about 15-20 seconds, but the games do not load.

ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
  Major opcode of failed request:  156 (GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  3 (X_GLXCreateContext)
  Value in failed request:  0x21
  Serial number of failed request:  25629
  Current serial number in output stream:  25630

I would like to know if you guys think this is a Wine issue or a Gentoo issue; hence I could redirect it to the appropriate forum if necessary. If this is a Wine issue, do you have a workaround suggestion?


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