[Wine] Arch Linux / Counter-Strike 1.6/CZ Issue

fullyspenged wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 18 16:25:46 CST 2009

Hardware: nvidia 8800GT, propietary drivers, matching 32-bit libraries

When I launch CS, it freezes on the first screen for about 5 seconds then I see this in the terminal: 

err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your path.
err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution.
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DImpl_FillGLCaps OpenGL implementation supports 32 vertex samplers and 32 total samplers
fixme:d3d:IWineD3DImpl_FillGLCaps Expected vertex samplers + MAX_TEXTURES(=8) > combined_samplers
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33f2d4,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:mshtml:hidden_proc (0x100ae 49225 0 1)
fixme:shdocvw:ViewObject_SetAdvise (0x165e28)->(1 00000002 0x4e41950)
fixme:shdocvw:PersistStreamInit_InitNew (0x165e28)
fixme:shdocvw:WebBrowser_put_RegisterAsBrowser (0x165e28)->(ffffffff)
fixme:shdocvw:WebBrowser_put_RegisterAsDropTarget (0x165e28)->(ffffffff)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x8163b4 "?" wait timed out in thread 001d, blocked by 001e, retrying (60 sec)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x7e56d8a0 "x11drv_main.c: X11DRV_CritSection" wait timed out in thread 0009, blocked by 0023, retrying (60 sec)

and a Visual C++ runtime error in wine saying that it had terminated bla bla.

I once got it to run, I made absolutely NO CHANGES to it, but it ran. Then I loaded it again after closing it and I got the exact same error. I am running arch64 so I'm using the Wine-1.1.13-2 binary from the openSUSE repository, it works great in uTorrent and in steam but I can't play CS or CS:CZ. Glxgears runs great, Google Earth runs great, uTorrent runs great.

I don't know where to start, google didn't help.

Any ideas? :o

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