[Wine] Wine on Ubuntu 8.10 64bit

serrya wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 19 13:47:45 CST 2009

Hello I have a complicated question, I'll try to state it in the simplest way I can.

I currently have a laptop running Hardy Heron (pure Linux machine). and WINE. It has an AMD 64 bit core but an ATI graphics card. Wine will install PC games just fine, but when I try to run a game (like Tales of Pirates or Guild Wars for example) It will bring up the loading screen, load the game but just as its about to run, Wine and the game just shut down. (I have Wine set up so that it runs in its own "window" and the whole window shuts down).

Now here is my real question. I am getting a new laptop with these specs:

NV 9800M 512M DDR3

And I want this laptop to be pure Ubuntu linux as well, but I was wondering if I should expect the same problems with wine as I had before. Is it a 64 bit problem? An ATI problem? or merely an incompatibility with the programs I'm trying to run in wine?

Any insight on how to make a Linux-only machine run non linux stuff (games: everything else I use open source) easier would be great

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