[Wine] Re: Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics

onecoolcouple wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 19 14:13:55 CST 2009

I found a partial workaround: since this is an old program, which, as far as I can tell, does not use the registry, I simply copied the directory that contains the program files of that program in wine's program files directory, and also added the fonts it needs in wine's font directory, and voila, ...

... it works...

... almost.

The problem is that it expects a CDROM in the drive. I had ripped the cdrom into an iso, which was good enough when accessing that "cdrom" from under qemu+Win98 guest, so there is no copy protection on that disc, but yet, despite having loop mounted the iso on /mnt, which, according to my wine configuration, is a cdrom, the program complains of a lack of cdrom ("please insert your Davka Judaic Classics CD in your CD drive").

So, what can I do to fix this?

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