[Wine] Radeon 4800 or Ati in general viable for wine?

M.Kiesel wine-devel at continuity.cjb.net
Tue Jan 20 08:01:32 CST 2009

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Zaxth wrote:

> Longtime lurker and user of wine, but I'm about to replace my old nvidia 
> card with a newer model and seeing as Ati is open sourcing their 
> drivers. I was wondering if I should get a 4800 card, but only if the 
> fglrx or x86-radeon driver is up to the task :) Like can it run direct3d 
> 9 games like Eve? How about 2d performance in games like fallout 2 and 
> planescape torment?

I also wanted to give ATI a try in December 2008 but I really can't 
recommend ATI/fglrx neither for Wine nor Linux in general.

  (try to spot someone in the forums with a good opinion about fglrx!)


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