[Wine] Re: Wine doesnt show close to all my files/apps...?

kwisatz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 21 09:42:54 CST 2009

John Drescher wrote:
> The C: you see with wine is not the C: that you boot windows. This is
> a hidden folder in your linux partition. DO NOT try to make your C: in
> wine point to the real C: that will corrupt your wine and also make
> windows non bootable.

Oooh... you assume I even know what you're referring to. Definitely strong IT background with regards to Windows and Networking environment, but a noob with Ubuntu/Wine.

Basically, how do I run an application in c:\chrono\ when it isnt listed? With the wording 'Browse C:' it seems a misnomer... so I am not able to run programs found on my windows partition?

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