[Wine] Re: How to get 1.0.1

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 21 15:17:42 CST 2009

edzell wrote:
> I'm new in Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) and pre-new in Wine. Apprently 1.0.1 is the latest stable release, but I can't find a way to get it by following any of the links on the WineHQ pages. I always end up at a page that's warning me I'll be downloading a beta version, even though I've clicked on a link that promises 1.0.1
> All help welcome, but please don't point me to a tar.gz - I have enough to try & assimilate at present  :? 

It doesn't look like 1.0.1 packages were ever created for 8.04, but you can get 1.0 from the archives.
1.0.1 just added a handful of minor bugfixes; if you're not affected by any of the bugs on the list, 1.0 should work just as well.

Otherwise, just download the latest development version. Unless there is a regression affecting an app you want to run, you will get better performance from the newest version, and can achieve the same degree of stability as the "stable" branch by simply not upgrading unless you have to.

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