[Wine] Re: How to get 1.0.1

edzell wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 21 19:41:16 CST 2009

In all honesty, use the development release, unless you know of some
regression that breaks it for you.

Hi, Austin.

Thanks for the advice, but I have to say it sounds a bit like "Eat the  mushroom you've been warned against unless you really know it will do you harm." As a newbie I'm still trying to figure out which apps I'll want to use and how to get ,install and evaluate them. Whether some version of wine will have "regressions" (what are they?) that will break something I try to use - or what sorts of frustration I'll be faced with trying to fix the break - is not anything I have a clue about. I don't see the point of risking that when a) I don't have to and b) I don't yet really know what I'm doing.

What I do know is that the winehq pages carry a warning against the latest releases and suggest I use 1.0.1 instead. So it's a mystery why I'm then unable to find it and am even being advised here, not to look for it. Are you saying the warning has no validity?

Sorry if this sounds argumentative, but no one has answered my question, which is - how do I get the version that the wine pages recommend me to use?


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