[Wine] Problem BMC Remedy User Version 7.0.01 on ubuntu 8.10

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 21 21:33:47 CST 2009

!S at ndro! wrote:
> I have installed BMC Remedy User Version 7.0.01 Patch 002 on ubuntu 8.10 but i have two errors: "ARERR 1900" and on the on the left "rendering is current disable".
> The wine version is 1.1.13 but with other version is the same.
> Settings wine or other?
> Can you help me?
Is there a particular reason you NEED to run the User Tool (I am a RSP
and ask this question quite frequently).  If NOT, then please use the
web interface, which will be the standard with 7.5 (just released).
If you do need to use the User Tool, you will NEED to install Wine Gecko
as previously advised as the screen is rendered using HTML (yes, you
read this correctly.)

If this does not work:

Since you now have winetricks:

winetricks ie6.

James McKenzie

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