[Wine] Regedit problems-Guild Wars

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 21 21:49:27 CST 2009

unused_bagels wrote:
> haha, no, I never made my own registry values.  I spent too many weeks picking up the pieces of my shattered OS when I tried doing anything with my registry back in my windows days.
As Vitamin stated it is easy to restore your registry:

cd $HOME/.wine
(notice there are two .reg files)
cp system.reg system.old.reg
cp user.reg user.old.reg
wine regedit
(makes changes to registry and SAVES them)

It is that simple.  If you break the registry:
rm system.reg
rm user.reg
cp system.old.reg system.reg
cp user.old.reg user.reg

All changes are now gone and you should be able to run Wine again.

James McKenzie

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