[Wine] wine causing system slowdown

andrewyates wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 01:36:23 CST 2009

After upgrading to a 64bit system with new hardware, running 3d games with wine now results in my entire system becoming unresponsive until I kill wine (wineserver -k). I am using Arch Linux with the bin32-wine package from AUR, and have experienced this problem with wine 1.1.10, .12, and .13. Wine does use 100% of a single core, but it did this with my previous system as well. I've gotten this with both the 2.6.27 and 2.6.28 driver, with nvidia 177.82 and 180.22 drivers.

It's not anything to do with ~/.wine, because I tried installing Red Alert 3 to a new WINEPREFIX and I experienced the same problem with it. The other game that freezes is EVE Online. Both EVE and RA3 worked fine with my previous 32bit arch install.

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this or what might be causing it? I've been trying various things for the past two weeks with no success.

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