[Wine] Re: compiling windows C++ code base using winelib

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 24 03:17:57 CST 2009

Why do you want to recompile your app using winelib? The gain of recompiling using winelib is very small. In general you only want to do that when you want to run your app on a non-x86 architecture. For performance it doesn't really matter if it is a win32 executable or not. Most apps that use wine e.g. Google's Picasa and others are just win32 binaries.

You can also just use winelib to port small pieces of your app if you want to make some native linux calls. To do this just put some functionality in a dll and port that dll using wlnelib (in winelib you can mix both win32 and linux code). Because Wine sees no difference between a win32 mylib.dll or a winelib mylib.dll.so that way works fine. This way is recommended as it is a HUGE task to port a full app using wineg++t.

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